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2017 is the year of the Bark. I don’t mean the stuff you find protecting trees or bellowing straight out of a dogs mouth. We’re talking CHOCOLATE Bark. Move over cake pops, macarons and cronuts, there’s a new food trend in town.

Chocolate Bark is everywhere at the moment. Online, in all the monthly food mags, on TV, and ready made in shops. With it being the half term holidays, plenty of us are looking for something to do with the kids/nieces/nephews.

It’s incredibly easy to make, delicious, and you can turn it around in an afternoon. What’s not to love? (we’re forgetting about the calories and sugar for this, it IS Easter after all)

Just imagine, an afternoon where you don’t have to watch Frozen for the millionth time. Yep – that means no explaining yet again why, no, you do not want to build a blooming snowman. It’s April, kids.

No more Thomas the Tank Engine with it’s quite frankly, TERRIBLE new theme tune. Laters, Paw Patrol.

Also, making Chocolate Bark is much cheaper than a visit to a theme park. BLISS.

Without further ado, here’s the easiest recipe EVER. Enjoy!




2 x 200g bars of milk or dark chocolate.

2 x 100g bars of white chocolate.

Assorted Easter themed chocolates for decoration. (I used Cadbury Creme Eggs, Smarties Mini Eggs, and Galaxy Golden Eggs on mine!)

A baking tray roughly the size of an A4 piece of paper.

Greaseproof paper

A saucepan

A bowl

A spatula



Fill the kettle, boil it, then pour the water into a saucepan, and pop a bowl over it so it fits snugly over the rim, and add the milk/dark chocolate, in chunks.

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Heat gently and stir until the chocolate is melted and glossy.

Line a baking tray with greaseproof baking paper.

Pour the melted chocolate into the tray, and evenly spread using a spatula.

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In another bowl, add the white chocolate and melt in the same way as the milk chocolate.

Once melted, blob the white chocolate across the milk/dark chocolate in small dollops, then use a skewer or if you don’t have one, use the edge of the spatula to swirl the milk/dark and white chocolates together to create a pretty marbled effect.

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Scatter the assorted Easter chocolates across the top, pressing each one in gently.

Leave to cool and set at room temperature for about an hour, then transfer to the fridge to set properly for a few hours.

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Break the chocolate into chunky shards. Keep the greaseproof paper handy at this point – you can use it as a means of protecting the chocolate from getting covered in fingerprints!

Transfer your shards into clear party bags (Wilton do these at £2.50 for 25), then seal them using the ties provided. Finish off with some colourful pastel ribbon, and a little fluffy yellow chick! (Mine are from Sainsbury’s, and they’re cheep at the moment! Pardon the pun.)

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TIP: If you press the back of their feet together then push them back through the bag tie, they should stay in place perfectly!

Your friends and family will LOVE these cute little gift bags. They should stay fresh for up to 2 weeks, if refrigerated.

Have a wonderful Easter!



Lucy xxx

PS – If you do make this, please send me your pics, or tag me in them on Instagram. I’d love to see the different types you come up with and how it turns out.


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