So, I’m sat here feeling a bit disappointed in myself to be entirely honest with you. I had a grand plan to get up early, get a power packed breakfast down me and go for an 8-10 mile run.

It didn’t happen.

As it stands, I’ve been running short distances every week, topped up with a 10k at the weekend. On Saturday, I finished my breakfast show at 10am, then ran 10k home, in the snow, and did it in 52 minutes. I felt INCREDIBLE after that. Running that distance in decent weather, in that time, is a rarity for me – but in THE SNOW? It was freezing cold, I was getting pelted with snowflakes, and the brazen chill of the wind battered my face the whole way, but – I LOVED IT.

So, why then, on a day like today, when it’s a heck of a lot warmer and the sun is shining, can I not motivate myself enough to go for a long run?

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There’s 2 reasons why. One, I’m lazy. I’m the Queen of excuses when it comes to getting my butt out of bed and cracking on with exercise. Once I get started, there’s no stopping me and I put my all into it. The problem is the bit in-between. I wish I was one of those consistently super motivated, attack the day kind of people. Even this blog has become an excuse. Yep, writing a blog about running has become an excuse for me NOT to run this morning.


Secondly, the fear. This is a direct result of being lazy. The more excuses I make not to run, the more scared I become of doing it. It’s a vicious cycle, and one that will only be broken when I man the hell up and accept that, in less than 10 weeks time, I’m running the London Marathon. I genuinely am petrified. Sure, I can run 10k, no problem. But – 26 miles? THAT’S 42K. 42K. Just the thought of that alone is almost enough to make me spontaneously do a ‘Radcliffe’…..

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What doesn’t help is social media. When I see others posting fresh faced selfies having just breezed through 10 miles, I literally want to dive headfirst into a tin of Quality Street, engorging myself in the creamy comfort of a big purple one. Or 10.

Don’t even get me started on the inspirational ‘sun is rising and I’ve just nailed x amount of miles’ Instagram snaps taken from atop Greenwich Park or Primrose Hill. I SO WANT TO BE LIKE YOU BUT SOFA, WINE AND MELTED CHEESE.

I have nothing but admiration for those doing brilliantly with their training, and hell yes, you should be shouting about it! These sort of posts ARE inspirational, so why can’t I just motivate myself?!  Therein lies the challenge.

I need to stop worrying about whether or not I can run a marathon, and instead, in the words of Nike, ‘JUST DO IT’. So, once I’ve written this, I’m going to plan some running routes around South East London where I live, and get cracking. Tomorrow is a new day, and if I can get 8-10 miles under my belt, I won’t feel so far behind with training as I do right now. There’s no time to beat, a slow and steady pace is fine. If I have to stop for a moment to breathe, that’s ok too. I WILL do it. Going to bed before midnight and not drinking in the week would be helpful too. Ribena looks like Pinot Noir so I’ll just drink that out of a wine glass instead….

And finally – I’m going to look to God (aka Barack Obama) for encouragement – can I run the London Marathon? YES I CAN!! Oh…wait…

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WHATEVER. You know what I mean.

Until next time….

Lucy xx

PS – If you’re running the Marathon too, and have any words of advice, or are in a similar position of motivational struggle, please comment on the blog! All words (as long as they’re not mean) welcome! If you would like to help me raise lots of cash for the wonderful charity Globals Make Some Noise, then the link to do so is hereThanks a million. Xxx






I’m lazy and scared and running the London Marathon. UH-OH.
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