Me and my Mummy.

Me and my Mummy


Mothering Sunday is THIS Sunday. That came around quickly didn’t it?

If, like most of us, you’re a busy bee and haven’t yet had the time to even think about what to get your Mum as a thank you for gifting the world with yours truly, then Moonpig are here to help! YAY.

Whether it’s a personalised card, last minute floral arrangements, or you fancy gifting her with something a little different, you can do that all online. God, I love the internet. One click and it’s Brownie points a-go-go.

Moonpig has a massive selection of gifts for your Mum, whatever your budget. Personally, I LOVE the gift boxes. If she’s a fan of a cheeky glass (more like bottle, eh Mum?) of plonk and has a sweet tooth, try out the Sweet Treats Wicker Tray – it’s a bargain at £20 and comes with a mini bottle of Pinot Rose, English Tea Shop teas, Strawberry and Clotted Cream Shortbread and the excellent Hope & Greenwood Cherry Bakewell Bon Bons. YUM.


FullSizeRender (19)


At just a fiver more, it’s my personal favourite, the Cartwright and Butler Salted Caramel Selection. Milk Chocolate Almonds, Salted Caramel drinking chocolate and…..the piece de resistance – SALTED CARAMEL FUDGE. Yep. It’s a thing. It’s marvellous. A melt in the mouth, salty-sweet gift from the gods. Sod the calories. SO worth it. An added bonus is the wicker tray it comes in. I always end up using these for keeping things like make up and hair appliances in. Tasty AND useful.


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If your Mum is more of an aspiring Charlie Dimmock, how about the Thyme to Garden Box (cracking title FYI, whoever came up with that is very punny. Oops. Sorry.)


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Bad jokes aside, it comes with exfoliating milled soap and an ash handle fork and trowel. After a day spent dabbling with a dibble stick and pruning their petunias, they can chill out with a selection of English teas, Fentiman’s ginger beer and some farmhouse stilton and sweet fig. All of this comes in a lovely wooden Gardeners Box. There’s also a fiver off on this one at the moment too. £35 for the lot.


If Mother dearest could do with a spot of pampering, then the Day At The Spa Box will be perfect. At £40, it contains everything her ladyship needs for a spa day from the comfort of your own home. My favourite thing about this is that it contains a loofah made using EGYPTIAN COTTON. How posh is that?


FullSizeRender (22)


Now, this next one isn’t strictly a gift box as such, but because it comes in a tin, which is sort of a box (and I have a strange obsession with collecting tins – seriously), it counts. Behold the Button Shaped Biscuit Tin. What does every good tin come with? BISCUITS. Lovely little buttery shortbread ones in the shape of buttons. Super cute. This tin also comes with a tape measure. Why? Because it can double up as a sewing tin, obvs. It’s also just a tenner, so an excellent gift if you’re budget conscious.


FullSizeRender (21)


And last, but not least – the G & T Lovers Box. Ahhh, Gin. Everyone loves a Gin, even the Queen, who apparently likes hers mixed with a dash of Dubonnet, and has it just before lunch. HARDCORE LIZ. What a champ. This neat set comes with 2 pre mixed Fentimans Gin & Tonics, a couple of gorgeous Kilner jars to drink it in, an ice cube tray, plus some delicious Olives should one require a snackette. Perfect for the Queen in your life. £30.


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If your Mum is more of a traditional lady who just adores a stunning bouquet of flowers, Moonpig have that sorted too. In fact, selected bouquets come with free chocolate too. Whether you choose to eat them yourself or be a good child and hand them over to Ma as part of her gift is entirely your prerogative. (although if you do eat them yourself, using the excuse of ‘I’m taking on the extra calories because I love you Mummy’ probably won’t wash….) Check out their sumptuous selection of beautiful blooms here.


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And finally – let’s talk about cards. I’m a real stickler when it comes to selecting the right card. I’ve been known to buy 2 at once because I just can’t decide which one is the nicest to give so end up writing both. Thankfully, Moonpig give us the option to create our own. It’s rather nice to know that the card you’re giving is a one off. There’s something quite lovely about being able to do that. It’s also a great option if you have a stepmother, or a guardian who you’d like to send something personalised to. They also have plenty of ready to go options, including my personal fave….


FullSizeRender (24)


Hopefully, I’ve given you some ideas on how to treat your lovely Mum this Mother’s Day. Right, I’m off to pre-order a pub meal for 12 people on Sunday. This is what happens when there’s 4 siblings, and various offspring plus Mother coming for Mother’s Day lunch. If anyone dares change their Whitebait starter to the Smoked Salmon this late in the day, I’ll scream.

Have a fab one,


Lucy xxx


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