HIYA. I’m Lucy, I’m 36, live in London, have a successful career in broadcasting, am reasonably attractive, don’t have kids, I’m not crazy and I’m single. A few months ago I went through a break up. It had been on the cards for a while and was pretty amicable. (Although I was pretty annoyed that he took the Le Creuset AND my glass Pyrex jug). The swine.  


However, even though I’m joking about it now, any break up is hard on the heart. Everyone reacts differently, and for me personally the first month or so was particularly sad. I’ve experienced the whole spectrum of emotions since, the highs and lows and everything else in between.  


I’m writing this blog because I realized something. Of all the material out there about relationships, make ups and break ups alike, there isn’t a place for women in their mid-thirties and above to go to when they go through something similar. Most of my friends of the same age are married with kids, and the younger friends haven’t quite had the same life experiences as us slightly older and (not necessarily) wiser ladies.


I’m sharing this with you as I hope you can gain something from it. Whether it helps with your self esteem or you simply read it, laugh, cry, or relate to it in any way, then brilliant! Being female and single in your thirties DEFINITELY isn’t a bad thing. There absolutely should not be a stigma attached to it.  


It feels like we’re expected to be crying into a pillow, stinking of Chardonnay, cat pee and desperation. (for the record I prefer salty rimmed Margaritas & smell expensive, darling). The biggest thing I’ve learned is that being single aged 36 is actually rather exciting, unpredictable and utterly refreshing! The sense of freedom is incredible.  


What you’ll read over the coming weeks is kind of a diary of what I’ve been up to since I became single again. I’ve been the stereotype singleton, grown as a person, learned to value the friendships I already have, and also to appreciate the small things. It’s also confirmed to me that I’ve essentially undergone a ‘rebrand’.  


I’m going to be open, honest and I hope, encouraging. Note to past/present/future ‘frissons’ – you’re safe, don’t worry. I’m not the type to kiss and tell. Unlike my ex Husband. (sorry, I couldn’t resist….)   Are you ready for the Break up Rebrand?  


Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment….   L x  


PS: If you have any thoughts on the blog please let me know, using #breakuprebrand! I’m @lucyhorobin on Twitter and Instagram, and Lucy Horobin on Facebook! Thank you lovelies.  

The Break Up Rebrand – An Introduction
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4 thoughts on “The Break Up Rebrand – An Introduction

  • January 22, 2016 at 9:25 pm

    Thanks to Twitter, I found this today as my ex boyfriend moves his things out our house – it’s heart breaking and I feel rubbish. So I’m gladdened to read this as a 34 year newbie to the single world – I look forward to reading more in the coming weeks and getting down inspiration to keep going.

    • January 23, 2016 at 6:48 am

      Hi lovely! I’m so glad that you’ve read the blog and gained something from it. The ‘moving out’ part is the hardest, so I totally understand how you’re feeling, but it can only get better! I promise. We get so used to co-habiting with someone that it feels alien to be alone at the start. Give it time, and you’ll soon appreciate the freedom that comes with your own company! Here’s to new, exciting beginnings! L Xx

  • April 5, 2016 at 11:13 am

    After JK mentioned this on the mornings breakfast show – (both great by the way – hurry back to home time though, its confusing my brain), I thought I’d give it a read! For a 33 year year old Singleton with the only male in my life being my dog – I LOVE THIS BLOG! It encompasses everything that I feel about the stigma of being a single female at 33! Now I embrace the fact that its my choice and I shall continue to go home – close the curtains and open a bottle of Pinot – Bridget Jones Style!!! Thanks Lucy x

  • May 26, 2016 at 10:51 am

    Hi Lucy

    Am so happy to have found you and your blog!

    I’m 34 ended my last relationship 15 months ago and this is the first time I’ve been single for this long in over a decade .

    I have a decent job and great friends and family. Booked holidays on my own do activities and try and appreciate what I have.

    I have been on dates on tinder and online dating but nothing has ever materialised . I want to be happy and content but I miss companionship and my logical brain tells me it’s not me but the self doubt is creepy.

    I don’t think friends understand that this internalisation hurts!!! Hope I’m not too Bridget Jones sounding


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