Right. I just want to clear something up.

When us girls say we don’t care about Valentine’s Day, and that it’s more important and meaningful to show our love all year round, some of us are blatantly lying. We blooming love it.

I can’t speak for the guys, but if I claimed I didn’t love receiving cards, flowers, and/or a thoughtful gift on V Day, my nose would grow at an alarming rate. Goodness knows what my nostrils would be nudging. Eww.

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To those of you who think Valentine’s Day is pointless, let’s have a look at some other ‘international/national days’, shall we?


1) International Talk Like A Pirate Day – Just the thought of spending an entire day talking like Jack Sparrow and irritating the life out of everyone you know is enough to make even the sanest of us walk the plank.

POINTLESS RATING – 7/10 (the only saving grace is it’d be pretty funny to talk like a Pirate at a cold caller/person you strongly dislike/unwanted visitors)


2) Fruitcake Toss Day – My personal opinion of fruitcake is that it’s vile. I’m talking about the hefty ones, solid as a rock and denser than a breeze block. Why ruin a lovely moist sponge by filling it with what can only be described as barely edible unpopped blisters? Toss ’em away. (Mince Pies are exempt, because a) pastry, and b) Christmas)



3) If Pets Had Thumbs Day – they don’t.



The one common thread all of these and many other ‘days’ have, is that they don’t really celebrate anything at all. I understand if you think Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a marketing gimmick, but at least it embraces the sharing of those good old warm, fuzzy feelings. Love is something that SHOULD be celebrated, and if we dedicate a day to it every year and do so by making an effort with our significant others, then why the hell not?

Also, we live in a world that’s often full of doom, gloom and negativity (Trump, I’m looking at you and your tiny hands), so there’s absolutely no harm in celebrating something positive.

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So – for those of you that haven’t yet prepared for Tuesday, I’m here to help you out. Last week I was invited along to Moonpigs Spring/Summer 2017 event, showcasing everything they have on offer for V Day.

They’ve totally got it covered. Like, seriously. If you’ve been a bit last minute and are currently panicking about all the nice cards being gone by the time you drag your post weekend, post hangover backside out of the door tomorrow, fear not.

You have until 4pm tomorrow afternoon to order cards, presents and flowers from Moonpig, and get it all wrapped up and delivered in time for the big day. If you’re a bit unsure of just ordering online and hoping for the best, I’ve tested the lot. Seen it all up close.


You can’t beat a good bath bomb

I’ve given the rose scented bath bomb a jolly good sniff (it smells DIVINE), marvelled at the awesome Storm Trooper decanter that will delight the resident geek in your life (they make really great boyfriends so it seems), and tasted the quite frankly incredible, moreish Salted Caramel Fudge. I might have had more of that than I should have. Forget the calories.


Salted Caramel Fudge. Just LOOK AT IT.

If you want to win bonus points on Valentine’s Day, then sending a personalised card should do the trick.


There’s so much more meaning to something which has been created just for you, as opposed to the generic, and quite frankly rather dull ‘Teddy bear holding a large red heart’ card. Just make sure you say something nice. Or naughty…..


It’s not ALL hearts and flowers you know. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

And finally, there’s FLOWERS. Lovely, pretty, beautifully scented blooms. If you really want to win major relationship points, send your other half a perfectly picked posy to their place of work. We’ve all looked on with major envy at ‘that girl’ who gets weekly deliveries of floral fabulousness from her devoted (and probably minted) partner. Valentine’s Day is our chance to be that girl. Sure, we might have to share our moment with several others, but who cares, flowers are AWESOME. Also, sending them seriously ups your chances of a bit of how’s your father. Trust me.



Whatever the budget, it’s the thought that counts. However, one thing that does NOT include is the purchase of a sad looking, wilted selection of stems from your local petrol forecourt. That’s just an insult.

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Madonna – LOATHES HYDRANGEAS. (the fussy little madam)

Right. Get to it. For all the ideas I’ve discussed in this blog and more, check out Moonpig’s selection right here.

Remember – you have until 4pm, Monday the 13th February.

Happy Valentine’s Day.  You soppy sods.



Lucy xxx

PS – Check out the Storm Trooper decanter. EPIC.

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