So, it’s that time of year where I, like a lot of us, am DESPERATE for a holiday. Stupidly, I haven’t had a week off since Christmas. It’s entirely my own fault, I’d like to add. Idiot. So, with less than 2 weeks until I fly off to Ibiza, I’m at breaking point. (OK, that was a liiittle dramatic…) The countdown is going far too slowly, I’m going to the Gym more than usual, desperately trying to eat healthily, you know what it’s like! Even the sheer sight of a Malteser makes me giddy. HURRY UP HOLIDAY.

Poolside fun!

Poolside fun!

So, this weekend, to lessen the pre-holiday wait somewhat, I purchased something a bit silly. At 35 years old, I’m now the proud owner of a pool. A PADDLING POOL. A bargain at 26.49!! It’s not just any paddling pool either. It’s an 8ft octagonal family sized whopper. I picked it up at Argos and excitedly came home, ready to surprise my boyfriend. He LOVED it and we set it up straight away. Well. It took over an hour to fill up, so not straight away but still….

Once I’d donned my bikini, poured a glass of Prosecco and got in, it was ALMOST like being on holiday. Almost. We spent the afternoon splashing around, sitting in the pool in the glorious sunshine and squirting each other with a giant water blaster. I did try to get an inflatable palm tree too, but sadly Peckham is lacking in products of the inflatable variety. Damn. The perfect day was finished off with a lovely BBQ using fresh produced picked up at Brockley Market earlier that morning. We had Steak, Bone Marrow Burgers, fresh Mackerel and the biggest Prawns I’ve ever seen!

BBQ Giant Prawns

Essentially, it felt like a pre-holiday holiday. If like me, you’re sat waiting impatiently for your holiday to start, get a paddling pool and crack on with a barbie! It makes all the difference, trust me. Weather permitting, of course!!

Weekend LOLZ.
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