So by the end of the last post, I was FINALLY looking forward to celebrating Christmas with my family, after weeks of feeling pretty damn low about the fact it was coming up and I was single!

In the final week leading up to the big day itself, there was a massive shift and transformation in my attitude and outlook. In a hugely positive way. Whilst Christmas CAN remind us of what we’ve loved and lost, it’s also a time for celebration. They don’t call it the most wonderful time of the year for nowt.

When it finally came around to going shopping for presents the weekend before the big day, I decided that because there was no other half to buy for, that meant more pressies for my Mum and sister. BONUS for them. My little sister is at Uni, and barely gets by. So many of us have been in the same boat. I remember being so broke at one point I was having bowls of PEAS AND KETCHUP for dinner. Mmm. Tasty.

So, she got extra pressies because of this. She deserves it. It was the same for Mum. Spread the joy and all that.

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Something else that put a big grin on my face was going on an ACTUAL DATE. I’d been chatting with a guy through Happn (my most favoured of the dating apps), and we went on a date the day before Christmas Eve. We got on extremely well. He revealed that only travelled by Uber, darling. So I made him get the bus. (the saviour of all public transport, fact) There were Margaritas and lots of G&T’s. He drunkenly left his card behind at one of the bars. We had shots of Patron (yep, the XO Cafe one), and there was lots of kissing involved. Pretty good date by all accounts. The bonus was though, he walked me to my front door, behaved like a gent, and also gave me his hat. WINNING. And FESTIVE. Well, the hat sort of works as a present, right?

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Due to the post date ‘fatigue’ (ahem), I didn’t drive home until 4pm on Christmas Eve, after a much needed nap, a LOT of water, and 2 fry ups. My Mum’s suggestion of ‘let’s go out tonight, it IS Christmas Eve’ was met with an impossible to hide look of horror and a swift suggestion of ‘let’s just wrap presents and prepare the food tonight, with a few glasses of wine, spend time together….’ HANGOVER BULLET. DODGED.

The day itself was TRULY wonderful. I was appointed Chief Bloody Mary Ambassador (by myself), and the Captain of running around doing pretty much everything else (by my Mother…) CHEERS MAMA BEAR. We had several other family members over, including my BEAUTIFUL nephew Oscar, and Skyped those who couldn’t be with us.

Oscar. As much of a cheese fiend as Aunty Lulu.

Oscar. As much of a cheese fiend as Aunty Lulu.

We ate and drank like Kings, we laughed until our insides hurt, and yes, got all sleepy on the sofa in our dressing gowns, complete with cracker hats and of course, a serious case of post Christmas dinner cushion creepers. There’s nothing quite like high fiving your baby sister when one of you lets out a sneaky Sprout squeaker or a Turkey toot-toot . Ahhhh. Christmas bliss.

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The Christmas holiday joy continued when I went to visit my Dad and stepmum. There was the always welcome comfort of endless cups of tea, more food, a stroll along Deal sea front (one of my favourite things to do, whatever the weather), and of course, lots of talking! It was bettered even more by a run along the beach as the sun rose on a gorgeously crisp December morning. I remember distinctly stopping the run, and breathing in the fresh sea air. I stared at the sunlight hitting the water, as it made the gently lapping waves sparkle. I took a moment to think about how I was feeling. And the answer – truly content.

The stunning view that stopped me in my tracks that morning...

The stunning view that stopped me in my tracks that morning…

Any remaining sadness from the last couple of months had totally ebbed away, just like the tide leaving the shore. The blinding sunshine of that morning was my newly acquired glow, beaming from the inside. And the azure blue skies? My head. Clear and bright, with endless possibilities. From now on, there would be no clouds on my horizon. It felt like I was literally taking in a breath of fresh air. Excited for the year ahead and what opportunities it may bring. As for needing or wanting a man? Neither. I had a life to live, goals to achieve, a wonderful group of friends, incredible family and absolutely no desire nor the time to take on someone else in my life. Selfish? Maybe. But quite frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

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Next time, I’ll be wrapping up the #BreakUpRebrand with my top 10 list of things to do post break up, the things that personally helped me MASSIVELY! I hope they can be of some assistance or inspiration to you too.

Until then…..


L xx

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